Family Hobbies for Parents and Teens

Family Hobbies Ideas for Parents and TeensThe teenage years can be tough for families. Right when kids start to grow up and form their own, more independent personalities, parents often find their kids pulling away from them to do their own things. While this change is inevitable, there are a few fun hobbies that parents can get their kids involved in, to give teenagers and parents a way to spend quality time with each other.

Cooking is a great hobby for parents and teens. Not only are teenagers finally old enough to trust with things like cutting, chopping, and actually cooking food, sharing cooking as a hobby is a great opportunity for parents to teach their kids some of the skills that they are going to need as adults. It also gives families an abundance of teaching moments when it comes to the importance of things like good nutrition, and high-quality ingredients.

Believe it or not, some video games are good hobbies for parents and teenagers to get into, as well. Many of the sports games for the Nintendo Wii are good for the whole family to play, and there are plenty of computer games that kids and parents in multi-computer households can network and play together. These range from strategy games to role playing games. While many younger kids wouldn’t be able to handle the complexity of a lot of these games, they are great for older kids and parents to enjoy together.

Hiking is another fun hobby for parents and teens to enjoy. While younger kids can go on hikes too, it’s only when kids are a little bit older that they are really able to fully enjoy the experience. Teenagers are less likely to get tired, cranky, or whiny on a longer hike like little kids do, making a long, leisurely hike more fun for kids and parents alike. Teenagers also have more patience when it comes to things like sitting still and waiting while birdwatching or taking wildlife photography.

Lastly, motor sports like four wheeling are fun for parents and teens to enjoy together. Younger kids are too small to control a vehicle, but teenagers are large, strong, and generally responsible enough to ride one safely. If your family has enough property, and you enjoy four wheeling, it makes a wonderful hobby to share with your teenagers. Even if you don’t have the space to go four wheeling in your own yard, it can be a lot of fun to take a day trip out to an empty spot to go riding.

Sometimes, it can actually be easier to come up with family hobbies that parents and little kids can do together. The most important thing for parents to remember is that it isn’t nearly as important what they do with their teenagers, as it is that they spend quality time with them. Many teens go through phases of being moody, independent, and pushing their parents away. By cultivating fun hobbies that parents and their teenagers can enjoy together, parents can help their kids get through their teenage years with love and understanding.


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