Outdoor Activities to Do With Teenagers

Outdoor Activities to Do With TeenagersAs kids get older, some of them seem to lose interest in the things they used to love. Kids that formerly adored going to the park or the beach might prefer to stay inside playing video games or listening to music instead. The need to get outside and be active doesn’t decrease with age, however, so parents still need to find a way to get their kids up and out of the house.

One great activity to do with teenagers is geocaching. In geocaching, people use portable GPS units to find small cache sites, where people have hidden tiny troves of treasures, or simple log books. Though geocaching is a fun family activity that’s appropriate for all ages, few teens are likely to get tired of the appeal of treasure hunting with time. Sites like geocaching.com have more information on the hobby, as well as lists of cache sites near your hometown.

Parents who are avid fishermen or hunters might want to get their teenagers involved in their hobbies once they’re old enough to do so responsibly. However, not everyone agrees with hunting and fishing, and it should be noted that some teens may object to these practices for their own, deeply personal ethical or moral reasons. These reasons should be respected. Therefore, parents who enjoy these hobbies should suggest them to their children, but not take it too badly if their suggestions are turned down. If that’s the case, parents can try suggesting catch and release fishing, or photo hunting instead. Both activities require skill, just like fishing and hunting, without many of the ethical complications that come with actual fishing or hunting.

Teenagers are better candidates for camping or backpacking trips. While younger kids tire easily, and require a lot of supervision, teenagers can be trusted more. This makes the teenage years the ideal time to show kids the real outdoors, by taking them camping in the wilderness, and other areas where younger children can’t go. It makes for far more exciting trips than many regular camping trips, while helping to teach children important survival skills at the same time.

Rafting, kayaking, and other water activities are good for teenagers and parents to enjoy together, too. Most littler children are too young to be trusted with water safety, or rowing a small watercraft. Parents can end up spending more of their time making sure that their children don’t end up falling in the water than they spend rowing or enjoying themselves. Once kids get to be teenagers, however, this becomes less of an issue. As a result, everyone involved is better able to really enjoy going out on the water.

Getting kids up and out of the house during summer can be no small feat sometimes. There are a lot of modern conveniences and entertainments that just aren’t available outside. With these fun summer activities, parents can encourage their children to get up and be active, and spend quality time with their families.


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  1. Kent
    September 30, 2011 at 10:37 pm #

    Cool site. When we were camping this summer we got everyone involved in making a movie. It was so much fun. You can see the final result here. http://youtu.be/ByQWESECr2Y

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